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About My Work

As a ceramic artist, I am drawn to curvaceous, visually supple silhouettes for surface treatments, designs, and glaze combinations. The evolution of my forms, textures and patterns has origin in my lifelong love of art, nature and the textiles. Keeping all stages of my process fluid helps to limit replication, allows me to create more spontaneously and grow artistically. I thrive on the new opportunities that arise from experimentation. My current body of work is predominantly electric fired stoneware and gas fired raku and saggar. Before touching the clay, I have a visual idea of what I am creating, how it will be altered, glazed and fired. Along the way, there are many other creative choices that effect the evolution of the finished piece. Altering the shape, adding texture, carving patterns and combining pieces, are done while the clay is pliable. Once the clay is dry and bisque fired, the selection of glaze combinations and designs, methods of application and firing temperature are some of the final artistic choices. Each decision creates new possibilities.


For more information or to visit my gallery in Simpsonville, Ky, feel free to contact me :

M: (973) 886-1072

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